Last month on AMAZON LOCAL I subscribed to a very different box: the diet one!

For $12 dollars I’d receive three boxes (one each month) of BULU: a health, nutrition and weight loss products in form of samples!

Well, I thought was a good way to know more about diet products (my priority)! I got my first box last week and I’ve tried some of the samples…Here are my first impressions!!

Bulu Diet box

*Always consult a physician before start a diet or try new supplements!I did!

As soon as you opened the box you’ll find a chart with exercises, a journal, products’ description and coupons! Very organized and very nice!

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The samples!

1. Rescue Pastilles – Those are for natural stress relief!

Well I tried for a couple of times and really don’t feel much different…I felt calm, but I’m not the most stressed person in the world! I like the taste of the lemon, just think the pastilles are a little to hard to chew!

Bulu diet box
Bulu diet box


Those suppose to combat fatigue and help to perform better during the workout time. You need to eat the entire pouch or packet at least 30 minutes before start exercising. Well, I thing it’s like a meal, kind of heavy, but they are delicious and very chewy! It does give you more energy and that boosting! You can really feel that “caffeine” sensation!

Bulu Diet Box

3. SHAPEOLOGY BURN BLEND – This is a thermogenic that helps to speed up the metabolism to burn more calories faster!

This one you can feel working immediately…and you need to be very careful with your tolerance to this kind of things. They said to take 1 or 2 capsules according to your tolerance. I took just one capsule to see the effects and in minutes I was feeling high, cold, jittering…so this was too strong for me…I spent the whole day feeling hyper, with a bad sensation in my heart! I workout like a crazy and I didn’t feel hungry at all. But I’m not going to take anymore because the jitters is something that I’m afraid of and hate the feeling!

If you are tolerant to thermogenic you might really like this one…suppresses the appetizer and keep you going a whole day! Unfortunately it’s too strong for me!

Bulu Diet Box
Bulu Diet Box


This is another energy booster that makes you feeling up and ready to take on your workout or workday!

Always start with small doses and see if you are tolerant to this kind of energizing!

Bulu Box
Bulu Box

5. The last sample is the URGENTRX UPSET STOMACH

This is a fast on the go pack relief for an upset stomach…what a convenience?

I haven’t tried yet, but it’s on my bag already!

Bulu Box
Bulu Box

Well, no doubt about that this has being a great experience with diet samples. In fact, a good diet and exercise is always the way to go, but I really liked to see what the diet industry has to offer. I’m always on a diet, but never satisfied!

I also found out that the energizes are not my thing, they are too strong to me! Anyway, I can’t wait for the next box…let’s see if they come out with something different! Have you tried the Bulu Box?

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