I finally got my first PLAY BY SEPHORA beauty box this month and can’t wait to share it with you!

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First of all I’d like to tell you why I’ve decided to subscribe to Play by Sephora. First reason, I really love Sephora, I’m a big fan of the brand and the way they sell makeup. You can try everything, you can return what you don’t like, you can have makeovers at the store…it’s a very enjoyable place to buy and to find out more about beauty products. The second reason why I subscribed to Play by Sephora has to do with the products. I really like the brands that Sephora carries, they are really good, everything pretty much works well for me. So,  it’s amazing to have the opportunity to try new high-end products every month for just $10! I’m in love with it!

The theme of the July box is the Summer when everything beauty should be effortless and fun! The box comes in Sephora traditional colors, with a cute bag and a nice folder with lots of tips and description of the samples, plus a Play Pass, a little card that you can scan with any purchase at any store and receive 50 extra beauty points.

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The Play by Sephora usually comes with 5 deluxe samples plus a fragrance bonus samples in a collectible bag, that I think it’s adorable!

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So, here we go, these are my samples of the month! Here my thoughts about them:


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This is a nice size deluxe sample – I always think about people with long hair and the size of the samples – it smells really good, like a spice perfume. It suppose to be a weightless texture mist that gives that beach undone look to your hair with shine and volume.

Well, this is a product that shouldn’t be used if you are at the beach going in and out of the water. Your hair can be really dry! But other than that it’s going to give that messy look and make your hair smells really nice. I didn’t see any volume, but maybe you have to reapply from time to time. If you already have a messy curly hair, this is not going to help to define the curls.

I think this kind of product is more suitable for people with straight hair. Mine just look like a fried thing with it.


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This is a blotting sponge. If you have really oily skin might be great, because the sponge sucks all the oil from the skin. I don’t have an oily face or skin, but in this heat this sponge is useful when you start to sweat or even have the pores opened due the humidity and heat (at least where I live)!

The other good thing about it is the fact that the sponge came if a cleanser, so after using you just wash it well and let it dry, so you can use it again (they say that it lasts up to 45 days with gentle and regular cleansing).

It was good to try it, I think it’s an alternative to blot oily skin, but I don’t think I’d use it on regular basis, just because my skin is so normal.


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I usually like First Aid Beauty products and this one was not an exception. This is a nice cleanser that will leave your skin feeling renewed. Use alone, with a brush or your clarisonic. It’s lightweight, smells a little bit like a medicine, but works really well cleaning the skin. I usually remove my eye and face makeup first and then I wash my face with the cleanser.


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This is oil free foundation primer, pore minimizing. Although the package is purple, the product is beige, has a thick consistency.

This primer is very similar to the famous Porefessional Primer from Benefit Cosmetics (my favorite primer ever), just a little bit thicker and I was impressed by that because I’ve never found anything as good as the Benefit primer before. This means that I like this primer a lot, it gives you a second skin, really minimize the pores and the makeup sets nicely after using it.


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I think this was my favorite product of this box. I love Too Faced and was crazy to try this bronzer. It’s summer time and bronzer is a must have, must wear in this season right?

To start this one smells so good, like chocolate…delicious!! Also is buildable, don’t be afraid because you can start with just a little bit of color and them build more and more layers depending on your skin tone.

I’m wearing this bronzer all the time, it’s beautiful and last a whole day!


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This is a nice size sample because you can wear the product more than once and can make a decision if you really like it or not.

This fragrance like the name says is a citrus one with a touch of flower. Very appropriate to Summer when you want something light and fresh to wear a whole day, but yet feminine. Not very good if you like sweet fragrances.

Well, this was my first PLAY BY SEPHORA and I really like it. I was able to try new things and I made my mind about all the products, so now I know what to buy and what is not for me. This is the idea right?

I subscribe to Play by Sephora and it costs $10 a month plus tax!

If you’d like to subscribe too click here for more info: Play by Sephora! 

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