This are SOAPBOX SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER that came with my Target Beauty Box of April!

I subscribe to quite a few beauty boxes, so I’m taking my time to try the products to share a fair review with you.


The SOAPBOX COCONUT OIL shampoo is concentrate and really good to clean a dirty hair. I used my sample twice and really feel that my scalp and hairs were very clean. The scent is not overwhelming what I appreciate and the shampoo didn’t dry out my hair. Of course if you have hair like mine, colored and with highlights you’ll still need a lot of conditioner after shampooing.


The SOAPBOX CONDITIONER – first of all it is a very thick formula and it feels like a mask. This conditioner is very moisturizing and leaves the hair soft and smooth. I left on my hair for about two minutes before rinse and I felt my hair melting in a good way.

So, If you have dry, colored or damaged hair the SOAPBOX and want to stay on budget this is a good option for day by day! If you have normal, straight hair this can weighs it down a little bit, so rinse all of!

And the best quality of these product is the fact that for every bottle sold, a month’s supply of clean water is given to a community in need! #SoapEqualsHope

PRICE: $4.79 each at

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