I was so excited when I heard about the Walmart Beauty Box that I didn’t think twice..I ordered it online and yesterday my first one has arrived!!!

Check it out!



This is a beauty box with samples in “sample” sizes for people who want to have a taste of popular or on a budget products.

Walmart says that the samples are free you just pay for shipping. This is so true,  you can find this samples somewhere else without have to pay for it, BUT to have them at once will cost and $5.00 because they charge for shipping.

So I paid to have a bunch of samples. Did it worth it? Totally!!! This is what I do…I try stuffs all the time! But I think it worth for everybody..see why!


I really love the mini shampoo and conditioner from L’Oreal…they are in a measure that I can really see if works and I can take with me to the gym or to the pool (very handy)!


I was crazy about the Jargons BB Body moisturizer for a long time and now I can try it without having to pay for a full size! LOVE IT!!!DSC_0372

To be honest with  you I don’t like this kind of shampoo or conditioner samples that come in an envelope just because it’s never enough to really have a glimpse if it works or not! And the reason is simple: I have long dry hairs…I need a lot of product to see if something is going to work for me or not!

But in a positive side….this is another kind of product that I can take with me and use at the gym…let’s see if this one will be enough to cover all my hair.


This is another envelope sample. Since it’s an oil for the face I just need a little to see if I’ll like it or not..I like it!


Nothing like a free fragrance sample! I love perfumes a lot and I have a bunch!!! The only thing is…the Lady Gaga one is at the market for a while now…I already have one (a friend of mine gave me) and I got the same samples in orders that I made in the past.

So, I wish I’ve got something newer. But If you don’t know this fragrance I can say that it’s better than what it’s look!


I love Burt’s Bees and I didn’t know about this firming serum! This is what samples is about…not just trying products but trying new ones and finding out if it’s good or not!DSC_0378

Another product that I really wanted to try is this Garner Sleeping cream!! Even though we know that skin care products take longer to show results, I think the first impression in this case counts too! So I’m really excited for this one that comes with a coupon too!


COUPONS! I’m a coupon mom…I pretty much buy everything on sale or with coupons…so I love them!

In this Walmart Beauty Box you can find some good coupons! It worth it!!!DSC_0365

DSC_0381 DSC_0382

The bottom line…if you like samples and coupons and want everything in a box conveniently this is for you…cheap and with very popular products, classic or new ones, that worth the try!

What are you thoughts now? Would you order one? Did you get one?

link: Walmart Beauty USA, LLC*affiliate link

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