This is my WALMART SUMMER BEAUTY BOX that came full of goodies for just $5!

Here are the samples, one by one:


I love this TOM’S tooth paste. I’m in fact using a tube that came in another beauty box and I love it. Very gentle and very effective in cleaning. This one has a plus that relieves sensitivity, so it’s even better.


This is another great natural product and great for a travel case. Gentle and very nourishing body lotion with a nice smells, keep your skin moisturized a whole day. A must try!


This is my favorite product in this box. I love this moisturizer. It smells good, it has a thin texture and gives you a nice touch of color with constant use. Perfect for the summer.


This is a very scented body wash, very creamy and concentrated too. I used before and I like the way it feels on the skin.


What I like about this Pantene hair spray is the fact that it keeps the hair on place naturally. It smells good and lasts for hours. Great to control the frizz hair too.



Those are great skin care samples to have an initial idea of the products. However results take time. The one that I’ve being using is the REVITALIFT Re-Volumizing cream and it’s really good to skin with signs of age, with lack of elasticity.


I’m a fan of the Micellar Water, it really removes the makeup easily and it’s very handy at night when you are tired and don’t want to rinse your face. The cons are the fact that my skin gets oily and it doesn’t remove waterproof or water resistant mascaras, so I always have some eye make up remover that works better in the eye area and the water micellar for the face.


In Shower body lotion seems the new thing now. Every single brand is launching one. At the beginning was strange for me to moisturize my body while in the shower, it took sometime to get use too. But nowadays I have to say that this is the most effective way for me to use a moisturizer. Easy, practical, handy and it works. I love these products and I already try the Nivea and love it too!


Another handy product that I wasn’t think to buy but it’s really effective. Where I live is so humid and hot that seems that I’m shiny all the time. Now I’m keeping these blotting papers in my bag and using it every time I wear makeup without the fear to remove part of the foundation and look like a fool. It just removes the oil…thanks goodness for that.

Well this was my WALMART SUMMER BEAUTY BOX – JUNE 2016 that came with 10 samples all useful and handy for this summer and all for just $5! I love it!

The Subscription: Walmart Beauty Box

The Price: $5 (one for each season of the year – so 4 boxes a year)

The Website:

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